With the advantages of smart adhesive solutions, Bostik has solved the outstanding problems and helpedforward the audio manufacturing industry to new opportunities.

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    A recent MarketSource survey has shown a growing number of consumers’ interests in audio devices. Up to 39% of the respondents are expecting to buy one or more audio devices by next year. Regarding the intended use, 54% are planning to upgrade the sound quality of their home systems, 45% are replacing an old device and 40% are enhancing the audio experience of movies and TV programs they love.

    The above results show the potential development of the audio industry. According to the survey, speaker is the top product that many consumers are most interested in, followed by receiver, surround processor and amplifier. With the continuous growth of the audio industry, the pace, production volume and quality must also increase to meet the requirements of consumers. 

    Bostik - The leading brand of high-tech adhesive solutions

    Audio industry: challenges and potential development opportunities

    The presence of big brands in the market such as JBL and Sony Pioneer had encouraged manufacturers to constantly improve and upgrade the quality of their products to meet consumers’ demand for good audio system.  Manufacturers are continuously evolving in order to be eco-friendly, sustainable and innovative to ensure differentiation in this competitive industry. It is important for the manufacturers to leverage on various high-performance solutions with good bonding and temperature/humidity/chemical resistance to meet these and other challenging requirements. As for equipment designers who are constantly pressured to design state-of-the-art products, they face the challenge of reducing areas for bonding or sealing while maintaining or increasing reliability requirements.

    Bostik - The leading brand of high-tech adhesive solutions

    Also, in this current climate, labour cost is getting higher, so are the requirements on production precision and efficiency. Automated adhesive solutions would help these manufacturers improve their production process, global supply chain to support their production lines and professional technical services as well as partnership with machine manufactures to facilitate the launch of their programs.

    How do adhesives solutions affect the quality of audio products?

    Smart adhesive solution plays an extremely important role, directly affecting the quality of the speakers. Using the right adhesive will help the manufacturer create a high quality and reliable product.

    Adhesive binding Spider with Voice Coil.
    Adhesive binding Spider with Voice Coil.

    In addition, adhesive strength and sealing ability are two of the most important properties of an adhesive solution. Sound quality can also be improved by adjusting the flexibility of the adhesive to eliminate vibration, affecting speaker movement. Good flexibility and adhesion are needed to protect the speaker from the effects of shock, or strong vibration. In manufacturing, most components need to withstand changes in temperature, vibration and humidity over a long period, so it is also important that adhesive properties do not deteriorate over time.

    How to choose adhesive for modern audio products?

    Demand for the production of sound equipment requires good quality materials, so it is necessary to use adhesive solutions that are tightly bonded, heat – resistant to improve the durability and shelf life of the product.

    With continuous innovation in adhesive technology, Bostik is increasingly affirming its potential development with 9,000 innovative and unique products.  As an industry leader in smart adhesive solutions, Bostik is continuously bringing to the market, intelligent and effective adhesive solutions that meet the needs of the manufacturers.

    Adhesive binding Spider with Voice Coil.

    Mr. Steve Edwards, Regional Engineer Adhesives Business Director, Bostik Industrial Adhesives, APAC said, “Bostik understands the macro changes that affect the manufacturing industries in the region and supports the different industries to evolve in their businesses, meeting industry challenges and trends.”  He also mentioned that the solutions are able to help manufacturers with the challenges of assembling and sealing complex components of different sizes and materials together. The innovative and multifunctional adhesive solutions which do much more than just sticking things together, allow them to adapt to all types of surfaces and materials even under the most demanding conditions.

    In addition, prioritising advanced material sciences and lead technologies in its production of smart adhesives, Bostik has developed a range of highly effective, friendly solutions. More specifically, Bostik’s adhesive solutions ensure less odor, help reduce risks for workers during exposure, and provide a comfortable working environment without affecting performance.

    Bostik’s solutions are highly applicable and can be found in many professional audio devices that include headphone, speaker box, auto speaker, hearing aid and bulky audio devices such as drum. The typical products of Bostik adhesives are very diverse. For example, Hot Melt Polyurethane (HMPUR, HHD Range), Instant Adhesive (Branded under Born2Bond Range) and UV Instant have brought remarkable efficiency in activities such as housing assembly, battery fixing, LED/mic/DSP fixing, and magnet fixing of headphone/earphone and hearing aid; box assembly, cushion fixing, cable fixing and seam sealing of auto speaker and speaker box; and rubber bonding, PCB/FPCB/ cable fixing of drums.

    Adhesive binding Spider with Voice Coil.

    Investment in research and development (R&D) plays a pertinent role in Bostik’s smart solutions, as it continues to develop many new adhesives to respond to the ever-changing demands of the industries. For example; one of the mega trends is the miniaturisation of audio devices which requires the development of new materials that can be applied using robots.

    Adhesive binding Spider with Voice Coil.

    “As engineering adhesive applications and end-users evolve, they raise new challenges. These include the question of how to apply solutions to ever smaller and more complex items, how to accelerate application processes and reduce waste, and how to ensure compliance with environmental and health & safety regulations. In response to these challenges Bostik had developed a portfolio of ground-breaking engineering adhesives that focus on ‘by the dot’ bonding applications.” said Edwards.

    Edwards also emphasised that Bostik’s state-of-the-art technology utilising engineering adhesives, enables solutions to be dispensed by robots on smart production lines. Through this process it ensures solutions are being dispensed with high precision, high speed and is robust in design.

    Bostik’s dedication to innovation in the adhesive industry is also reflected by the development of four global R & D centers. Located in four locations – Shanghai (China), Osaka (Japan), Wauwatosa (United States) and Venette (France), the Smart Technology Centers are designed to facilitate cooperation and promote a more open approach to reach the long – term goal innovation that helps Bostik to develop creative solutions for the different markets and increase its competitiveness globally.

    According to a report from Research and Markets, the Asia Pacific market for adhesive and sealant is expected to expand significantly with the highest CAGR of 5.57 and 7.82, respectively, during the forecast period, 2018 to 2023. With 52% of market shares, China is the largest manufacturing country in the world, and it’s expected to continue to be the driving force for the industry’s growth in the next 5 years.

    With the goal of building global businesses, especially in the Asia-Pacific countries: China, Japan, and Southeast Asia (including Vietnam), Bostik is gradually asserting its leadership position through its smart, innovative and high-tech adhesive solutions, meeting the rigorous demands of the future audio market.


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